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About Us

A company in growth

We are aware of our market position and will as a serviceprovider strive to deliver world class service

What is our experience…

TermoVision was established in 2011 as we wanted to do business in a better way for clients. The company was established with a vision that clients usually seek commitment and loyalty with their supplier.


Managing director Peter Nielsen has with his credentials in several other large companies seen how clients and inquiries disappears in an internal bureaucracy filled with different processes where there really should have been a focus on carrying out solid  client relationships which had a potential to be developed. This has been changed with TermoVision, where we have proved that a focus on the customers pays of through mutual loyalty.



Today TermoVision is a company, that works internationally with employees, who have a burning passion for the exiting cases a positive environment creates.

Our slogan is: “If we have a great time doing what we do, we make money on it.”


What we offer…


Ultrasonic Test

Dry Ice Blasting


Visual Inspection




PD Measurements

Job at TermoVision
We regularly seek qualified hard-working employees, therefore please stay updated on our homepage or feek free to send us an unsolicited job application.



TermoVision stand strong within construction, whether it is renovation of existing buildings or newly built ones. We have an internal knowhow from both technical and constructional crafts.

Energy optimization

TermoVision are experts in helping companies finding the right angle of approach to energy optimization. There are not two identical needs and two identical solutions.


TermoVision offer to establish an unique programme, which is targeted at the individual persons need, to achieve the maximum efficiency. Receive a free offer of a maintenance programme.


TermoVision er DBI godkendt sikringsleverandør, med stærke faglige kompetencer på området.


Et gulv som beskytter særligt svage og udsatte borgere, med fald-alarmer og usikkert bevægelsesmønster.


Complete Maintenance

Most companies have a need for a safe stable operation in order to be able to focus on their key activities  and run a good business.

TermoVision can help qua our concept proACTive©. Through proACTive© we develop targeted service programmes with differentiated proactive maintenance of technical installations. This way we know every little piece of equipment that is being inspected, based on the most typical errors, the equipment type can be exposed of.


Because of proACTive© TermoVision’s clients have an unique and efficient tool, partly to achieve a stable operation, but also to receive a sparring partner with experienced like-minded people in the maintenance industry.
ProACTive© can be targeted and provided to all kinds of companies, who have something at stake in a supply disruption. Through the program Safe Operation, the maintenance is close to a 100% of what can be done to secure the system or the installation in the most optimal way to prevent unintended high-cost breakdowns.

This is what we do

When a proACTive© program is being developed, an experienced consultant from TermoVision will start going through the installations age, condition and operation circumstances.

After this we will work together with the client to identify the critical spots, that has significant meaning and then finally we create the most optimal programme where the technologies individually is being used on the installation, where it has the right purpose.
Please feel free to contact TermoVision and then an experienced consultant will visit you for free and give you an offer on how to preserve your company in the best way

Download Flyer


Technological advanced solutions the fight against critical systematic errors

Every company has a need for maintenance
of their technical installations.

People who believe it is unnecessary to maintain are unconscious of the extra expenses they will have to pay when neglecting maintenance. In the long run companies who neglect maintenance typically end up paying huge amounts of money.


Read more of the technologies we use by clicking on the icons below here.

ProACTive Documentation

TermoVision Ultra Sonic Testing

Dry Ice Blasting

TermoVision Thermography

Visuel Evaluation

TermoVision Remote

TermoVision PQA

ProActive Cleaning

TermoVision PD Measurements

Energy Optimization

– Bottomline is it a good idea

That energy conservation is beneficial for all is evident and beyond doubt for all.

TermoVision are experts in helping companies finding the proper angle of approach concerning energy optimization. There are not two identical needs and two identical solutions.
We analyze the need the particular client might have whether it is a company, department or building.

This results in an decrease of unnecessary energy usage costs or energy optimization projects which are not profitable. An energy project with TermoVision benefit the economy and the CSR profile of the company.

Book your meeting today, so you can decrease your usage right away.

Energy optimization solutions:

  • Thermography of building envelope
  • Thermography of technical installations
  • Examination of lightning
  • Examination of power consumption
  • Examination of heat consumption
  • Examination of water consumption
  • Examination of consumption patterns

Download flyer


Contracts and Renovation

At TermoVision we stand strong whether the topic might be renovation of existing buildings or constucting new buildings

We have an internal knowhow from all technical and constructional trades.
When we work on a new project we make sure that we uncover all risks and possibilities. In this way the actual building process will be as even and planned as possible.


If you have an idea for a potential project, then book a meeting today, then we can talk about your needs.

We offer the following building qualifications:

  • General contract work
  • Partial contract work
  • Specialist subcontract
  • Advising concerning projects
  • Quality check of electrician specialist subcontract with proACTive


Free offer on a maintenance program

When establishing a structured program for maintenance we begin investigating the company’s central needs

Maintenance of technical installations have four decades been limited to thermography. This has been luckily been changed.
TermoVision offer a unique program, which is developed for companies individual need so they can achieve the maximal effect. The program will be highly structured for maintenance.

Below here you will find the different programs sketched out:

  • The secure program focussing on operation safety
  • The easy program which accurately cover the demands.
  • The thorough program for instance when taken over a new property
  • The broad program focussing on energy optimization
  • The specialized program for the demanding unique application.

Sikringskompetencer hos TermoVision

TermoVision er DBI godkendt sikringsleverandør, med stærke faglige kompetencer og kapaciteter indenfor området.

Vi leverer nøglefærdige fagentrepriser indenfor sikrings med efterfølgende servicekontrakt til driften efterfølgende. Særligt driften efterfølgende er vital for en virksomheds kernefunktion hvorfor TermoVision er specialister i vurdering af bygningers installationer og rentabiliteten i om sikringsinstallationer er saneringsmodne eller sikkert kan driftes videre.


TermoVision kan levere såkaldte fusionsaftaler, hvor flere områder inkluderes, med stærk fokus på kosteffektivitet og driftsoptimering. Her forpligter TermoVisions servicemål særligt, for servicering indenfor kort tid via vagttelefonen mv.


Har du et spørgsmål kan vi altid kontaktes via kontaktdetaljer nederst på denne side.

ProACTive – Elsi Smartfloor

Et gulv som beskytter særligt svage og udsatte borgere, med fald-alarmer og usikkert bevægelsesmønster.

TermoVisions ProACTive Elsi Smartfloor er et stærkt produkt, som bruges især i plejesektoren. Her sikrer vores mange installationer i Danmark, at særligt svage borgere kan føle sig sikre i deres eget hjem. Systemet kan sættes op således at plejepersonalet for besked hvis en medborger falder eller udviser konfus adfærd, uden at personalet nødvendigvis er i lejligheden. Derpå tilsikres det optimal vis at borgeren har den fornødne ro og personalet tidsoptimerer plejeindsatsen.



Click her, for en guidevideo på vores Smartfloor.



TermoVision hjælper med rådgivning og projektering, før installationsfasen indledes. Har du tekniske spørgsmål eller blot interesse, tilbyder vi et uforpligtende møde hvor mulighederne udvikles.


Har du et spørgsmål kan vi altid kontaktes via kontaktdetaljer nederst på denne side.

Who we are

People behind the company
Peter Nielsen
Project Manager
Lars Hornehøj
Project Manager
Ditte Møllegaard
Torben Volquards Christensen
Teamlead CTS
Jon Sejr Ambirk
Product manager, alarms


Call or write today!

It is always possible to have a meeting without commitment with a sales engineer from TermoVision.

TermoVision Aps.
Kastanie Allé 16 st
2720 Vanløse
Tlf.: + 45 32 110 200